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Dominique Fisher, Professor of French and Francophone Studies – UNC

Dominique Fisher is Professor of French and Francophone Studies at UNC.  She teaches courses on Francophone literary from various regions of the world, e.g., the Maghreb, Lebanon, Djibouti, Haiti, Québec, Franco-Arab Studies, Francophone cultural studies, literary and cultural theory.

Her recent publications include Écrire L’urgence  Assia Djebar et Tahar Djaout, The Rhetoric of the Other, and several articles on the literature of the Maghreb, Lebanon, transnational cinema, and on cultural diversity in France and Québec. She is presently working on a book on franco-arabophone literature and film. She focuses on how literature and film expose violence in the colonial and post-colonial period, and the way in which these mediums deal with the politics and the ethics of unveiling silenced histories and memory.